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McCollum v. Board of Education: A lesson in liberty

The Champaign public school district’s decision to invite representatives of multiple faiths to teach in its classrooms led to a historic U.S. Supreme Court decision handed down 65 years ago on March 8, 1948 For the first time, the Court declared that the establishment clause of the First Amendment applied to the states, sharply limiting efforts to incorporate religious activities into public schools.

Federal judge rebuffs teen’s religious claim in ID-tracking case

Court agrees Texas district can transfer Andrea Hernandez to another school, saying electronic-tracking badge requirement ‘has an incidental effect, if any, on [her] religious beliefs.’

Ind. lawmaker wants Lord’s Prayer in schools

Critic notes it has long been settled in U.S. courts that students can pray on their own but that forcing any prayer on every student violates the First Amendment.

N.J. school criticized for counseling kid who drew swastika

Pro-swastika group says school, which has since apologized, subjected a third-grader to ‘traumatic reprimand and racial bias counseling without parental approval.’

Texas high schooler challenges use of ‘locator’ chips in student IDs

Andrea Hernandez and her family view the microchip embedded in her school’s new ID cards as a ‘mark of the beast’ and sacrilege to their Christian faith.

Students at N.M. high school must conceal rosaries

Albuquerque school revises dress code in an effort to curb gang activity and prevent students from identifying themselves as members of specific groups.

Bible club sues Calif. school district over fee

Good News Club says Buena Park School District’s refusal to allow it to use classroom space after-hours at no cost violates its constitutional rights.

2nd Circuit appears hesitant to let church use school after-hours

Judge tells Bronx Household of Faith attorney he is ‘troubled by your argument that the Constitution requires a city to allow a religion to do what you do simply because it is a religion.’

High court won’t consider challenge to S.C. religious classes

4th Circuit had upheld off-campus program allowing students to earn high school credit, saying district properly accommodated religion without establishing it.

W.Va. judge: County must educate unvaccinated student

Olivia Hudok, a high school senior, will continue to receive homebound instruction; judge says her ruling will stand until state high court offers further guidance.

Calif. district allows Sikh students to carry religious daggers

At least three high schoolers in Jurupa Valley will be allowed to wear kirpans at school after their parents agreed to solder them or sew them into the sheaths.

Cheerleaders can display Bible banners for now

Texas judge grants injunction, saying school district policy barring pre-game signs appears to violate students’ rights.

Fla. school erred in barring Easter fliers, judge says

Tampa Bay Times: U.S. magistrate judge rules that denying a fourth-grader permission to hand out invitations to an Easter-egg hunt violated his First Amendment rights.

Ryan supports states’ right to allow school prayer

Republican vice presidential nominee addresses issue in response to question from GOP volunteer in Utah.

8th Circuit backs Minn. Good News Club

Three-judge panel overturns lower court’s denial of preliminary injunction allowing religious club to participate in after-school program, Education Week reports.

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