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Groups produce guide on U.S. Muslims

Interfaith Alliance and Religious Freedom Education Project release answers to frequently asked questions on religious freedom and American Muslims.

Fired pastor can pursue breach-of-contract claim

Kentucky appeals court reinstates lawsuit, rejecting church’s argument that the dispute over wages and benefits is an ecclesiastical matter that can’t be decided by a court.

Another religious-school teacher loses to ministerial exception

Legal principle preventing government interference with churches protects Lutheran school against employment-discrimination lawsuit, federal judge rules, citing recent Supreme Court case.

No religious right to carry guns in church, 11th Circuit rules

Appeals court says carrying a firearm is not a religious practice but ‘a personal preference, motivated by a secular purpose.’

Court rejects religious challenge to alimony award

Delaware Supreme Court finds family court’s calculation that wife could give less to her church each month did not violate her free exercise of religion.

Ex-church member’s defamation suit against pastor reinstated

Rejecting church-autonomy defense, Florida appeals court says man can proceed in court for falsely being called gay.

Dismissal recommended for inmate’s race-based religion claims

Federal magistrate says California prisoner failed to show how having a nonwhite cellmate burdens the practice of his religion under the First Amendment.

Federal magistrate recommends upholding jail’s ban on head coverings

Tennessee jail officials’ policies further safety and security interests, judge says in case involving Muslim inmate.

Fla. appeals court allows judge to use Islamic law

St. Petersburg Times reports that case involving leadership dispute at Tampa mosque apparently can proceed ‘under Ecclesiastical Islamic Law.’

Vanderbilt Univ. accused of targeting religious groups

College has asked several student clubs to come into compliance with its nondiscrimination policy, but some students say university is singling them out because of their beliefs, The Tennessean reports.

Federal judge denies NYC inmate’s request for matzoh, grape juice

Christopher Henry had contended items were essential to the practice of Judaism, but court finds corrections officials had legitimate penological reasons to refuse his request.

9th Circuit sides with Ariz. church in zoning dispute

Three-judge panel rules Yuma officials violated RLUIPA by denying Centro Familiar Cristiano Buenas Nuevas a permit to conduct services in a former department store building.

Miss. judge reprimanded for ordering church attendance

State high court punishes Judge Theresa Brown Dearman for ordering defendants to attend religious service as condition of bail and for other acts of misconduct, reports law blogger Eugene Volokh.

Lawsuit expected over vote to rehang commandments

Giles County, Va., officials say copies of Decalogue will be posted in schools alongside other historical documents in a “civic context,” but opponents argue that the purpose of the displays is principally religious.

Report: N.J. transit worker who burned Quran gets job back

“Our government cannot pick and choose whose free speech rights are protected, based on whether or not they approve of the content of our statements or actions,” says Derek Fenton.