Supreme Court: Fox News reporter protected by N.Y. ‘shield’

And hear an interview with Jana Winter after lower-court ruling against her.

Senate panel strips anti-leaks portions from intelligence bill

Washington Post reports the legislation would have restricted government officials’ ability to talk with news reporters.

Bill to counter lawsuits vs. journalists introduced

Measure sponsored by Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., would provide reporters and bloggers federal protection against SLAPP suits filed to try to suppress their reporting.

Divided 9th Circuit: Tabloid’s fair-use claim falls flat

Dissenting judge says majority’s analysis ‘thwarts the public interests of copyright by allowing newsworthy public figures to control their images in the press.’

Erased arrest records: libelous to mention?

Legal scholar Eugene Volokh reports on lawsuit appearing to claim that when an arrest record is expunged, newspapers should be required to remove any record of it from their archives.

Pa. newspaper prevails in defamation suit over links reports on ruling by 3rd Circuit that finds ‘linking to an allegedly defamatory article on the Internet does not by itself expose a publisher to charges of libel.’

D.C. police told to respect citizen photographers

Washington Post reports police chief has issued a directive ordering officers not to interfere with people taking pictures of police performing public duties.

House mulls prosecuting journalists for reporting leaks

At Judiciary Committee hearing, Republicans express outrage at news reports that they say threaten national security.

DOJ plans no journalist subpoenas in leak case

Politico reports government won’t seek testimony from two reporters alleged to have received classified info from former CIA officer about Guantanamo interrogations.

Univ. of Calif. pays to settle seized photographer’s lawsuit

UC Berkeley police also will change procedures, undergo training as part of settlement with photographer arrested at violent protest in 2009.

Autopsy photos private, 9th Circuit rules

Appeals court says bereaved families have a constitutional right to keep such pictures under wraps, and can sue officials who release them to the press.

Justice Dept.: Individuals have right to record police activity reports on content of ‘surprising’ letter sent by federal agency to Baltimore Police Department.

‘Your First Amendment rights can be terminated’

NBC Chicago captures Chicago police taking two journalists into custody as news crews gather at hospital to cover story of 6-year-old girl who was fatally shot.

‘Good Cop, Bad Citizen?’

First Amendment Center Scholar David L. Hudson Jr. writes about the controversy surrounding citizens’ recording encounters with police in this month’s ABA Journal.

Prop. 8 arguments will be taped, televised

9th Circuit announces it will allow later broadcast, by C-SPAN and NBC-7 in San Diego, of appeals in same-sex marriage case.

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