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Media and Missouri: What the heck is going on?

Freedom to report the news necessarily means the freedom to gather it, and police in Ferguson, Mo., have blatantly tried to stop journalists from doing their jobs.

FCC study: Necessary report or ‘national news nanny’?

The government’s record on good intentions and the news media provides enough cause to worry.

Bloggers enjoy First Amendment protection against libel suits

In a landmark decision, a federal appellate court held for the first time that blogs enjoy the same First Amendment protection from libel suits as traditional news media.

When and why we need to hear 911 calls

There are strong First Amendment reasons for disclosure of 911 calls, including those recently released from last year’s school massacre in Newtown, Conn.

Reporting JFK’s death – 50 years of facts, conspiracy theories

Outside of the most rabid conspiracy circles, it’s fair to say we know a great deal about the assassination of President Kennedy thanks to a half-century of news and information brought to us unfettered by government censorship.

Who holds the news media accountable? We all do

In-house ombudsmen who publicly criticize bad reporting by their news organizations help the public judge news-media credibility.

With Post purchase, Bezos has chance to remake newspaper model

Can Amazon founder sustain focus on holding government accountable in an era of news as celebrity fluff and pundit chatter?

On today’s card: national security vs. public’s right to know

We’re only in the early rounds of balancing legitimate national-security concerns against over-classification and with the need of the public for accurate information on what its government is doing.

Arresting journalists-at-work is a double-negative

Journalists – reporters and photographers – are being arrested while reporting on public demonstrations or police activity on matters of public interest.

Second try at a shield law echoes the first

An irony of timing twice has put U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning in the headlines at critical moments in gaining congressional approval of a federal shield law that would protect journalists and their confidential sources.

Freedom to report the news requires the freedom to gather it

Freedom to report the news requires the freedom to gather it. In the months ahead, that basic concept – so central to the First Amendment’s protection of a free press – will also be at the heart of the ongoing debate over how far government officials may go in pursuit of those responsible for “leaking” classified information to journalists.

Tragedies reshape free speech, free press

Two national tragedies separated by six years and a day – the April 15 bombing at the Boston Marathon and the April 16, 2007, mass shooting at Virginia Tech University – also are notable in marking how technology is reshaping our freedoms of speech and press.

Making the case for cameras in the Supreme Court

The disputed subject of placing television cameras in the U.S. Supreme Court has evoked passion for decades on both sides of the argument, with – no surprise – the justices’ “no” winning out.

White House threats and regrets: A little perspective

It’s important to examine “threats” against the press with a sense of history..

Restrictions on paparazzi take toll on First Amendment

It’s open season on paparazzi in celebrity-laden states as legislatures gear up to protect the rich and famous. Most recently, the Hawaii legislature was so grateful that Steven Tyler purchased a home on Maui that they named an anti-paparazzi bill after him

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