6th Circuit orders court to reconsider Tenn. ballot-access case

Three-judge panel says federal judge should re-evaluate state’s rules governing third-party access in light of changes made since he ruled against the state in February.

Part of Calif. human-trafficking initiative put on hold

Federal judge temporarily halts a provision of Proposition 35 that requires registered sex offenders to give authorities a list of their Internet providers and screen names.

Challenge to release of petition signers’ names is moot

9th Circuit panel notes that Washington state made petitions public last year and that the names can be found on the Internet.

Federal judge: Lobbyists can be blocked from boards

Six lobbyists claim Obama administration policy violates the First Amendment by depriving them of a valuable government benefit.

9th Circuit ruling keeps ‘none of the above’ on Nev. ballot

Three-judge panel grants emergency stay sought by the state and has strong words for federal judge who declared the voting option unconstitutional.

Green, Constitution parties allowed on ballot in Tenn.

6th Circuit ruling assures state’s voters will be able to pull levers for smaller parties in November elections.

Va. petition-circulator law struck down

Federal judge says that by imposing a residency requirement on petition circulators, state ‘deprives non-residents of a means to engage in core political speech.’

9th Circuit upholds Nev. ballot-initiative requirements

Three-judge panel rejects claims that requiring sponsors to collect a percentage of voter signatures from each congressional district imposes a ‘severe burden’ on free speech.

Tenn. ballot-access rules struck down

Federal judge sides with Green and Constitution parties, which claimed state’s regulations made it unreasonably hard for third parties to get their names on the ballots.

Anti-gay marriage group loses 1st Circuit appeal

Court upholds Maine’s campaign-disclosure law that requires the National Organization for Marriage to release its donor list.

Deputies to stop harassing Wash. pot proponents

After two signature-gatherers file lawsuit, sheriffs and Seattle Seahawks stadium officials agree to allow supporters of legalization to circulate their petitions among tailgaters.

4th Circuit upholds N.C. ban on lobbyist donations

ACLU’s Sarah Preston had challenged law barring registered lobbyists from making campaign contributions to certain candidates, claiming it violated her free-speech rights.

Occupy Nashville protesters sue governor over curfew

Meanwhile, a reporter covering Nashville protests is among those arrested; police and protesters face off in other Occupy demonstrations across the country.

Wash. releases anti-gay rights petitions — with names of signers

Protect Marriage Washington spokesman says disclosure is ‘terrible’ and he believes ‘there will certainly be harassment’ of those who supported petitions.

High court won’t hear Libertarian Party’s appeal

Group had sought to have Bob Barr be the party’s sole candidate on New Hampshire’s 2008 presidential ballot.

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