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New FOIA portal: one-stop shop for government info

National Archives, Commerce and EPA team up to create place where public can submit, track FOIA requests, Federal News Radio reports.

Science data wants to be shared, panelists agree

Barriers to public access to government scientific information examined, as well as improvements in official efforts to make the data available to everyone’s benefit.

Editors suggest how to pierce government secrecy

APME panel analyzes widespread official resistance to releasing public records to journalists.

U.S. must release anti-prostitution memo

Reuters reports 2nd Circuit rules that officials must disclose a 2004 legal memorandum justifying requirement that HIV/AIDS groups sign a pledge before working overseas.

Groups decry secrecy surrounding Manning court martial

Center for Constitutional Rights, others appeal military judge’s decision denying public access to information in case.

Obama administration’s leak pursuits ‘unplanned’

New York Times says record-setting prosecutions for leaked classified information are something of an accident.

Reporter: Government, press ‘contest’ over secrecy won’t be solved

Providing a solution would mean either violating news media’s rights or revealing all secrets — ‘neither one of which is realistic,’ says Washington Post’s Dana Priest during National FOI Day panel.

Info somewhat freer in parts of world, panelists report

But some countries are trying to clamp controls on the Internet, says Google’s Vinton Cerf.

Technology changes landscape for would-be whistleblowers

FOI Day panelists say trail of electronic records makes it easier for government to pursue leakers.

Lofgren wins ALA’s James Madison Award

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., given American Library Association’s annual award for her ‘tireless efforts’ for public access to government information.

Speaker makes a case for a national digital library

As books, other data move to digital format, American public may have less access to information, Harvard’s John Palfrey tells National FOI Day audience.

Administration folds in immigration FOIA fight

Politico reports government also admits error in giving federal judge false information.

Penn State, other schools exempt from open-records law

CNN reports that university sought, received exemption from law that other public agencies must abide by.

Surveillance opinion kept under wraps

Politico reports that the Justice Department refuses to release a legal opinion governing the use of an FBI mechanism to obtain telephone-company records and other information.

FOIA rule would let Feds deny existence of certain records

ProPublica reports that proposal would direct federal agencies to respond to requests for certain national security or law-enforcement documents ‘as if the excluded records did not exist.’

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