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Conn. lawmakers OK compromise Newtown privacy bill

Connecticut lawmakers passed a compromise bill early Wednesday preventing the release of crime-scene photos and video evidence from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and other Connecticut homicides.

N.C. justices side with lawmakers on map disclosures

State Supreme Court says attorney-client privilege means documents involved in redistricting can remain confidential.

N.Y. newspaper removes handgun-permit data from website

Journal News takes down the information just three days after the state enacts a gun-control law that includes privacy provisions for permit holders.

N.Y. gun bill touches on public-records law

Provision would limit state Freedom of Information Law to protect handgun owners from being identified publicly.

Wash. justices limit which court records become public

State high court says sealed documents are not presumptively public unless a judge relies on them in making a decision.

Univ. of Iowa ordered to release settlement agreement

State appeals court says public’s right to know outweighs privacy of former medical school employee who was allowed to quietly resign after a personnel dispute.

Calif. high court won’t let Boy Scouts conceal files

Justices reject appeal of lower court ruling that organization must turn over to attorneys for former Scout two decades of files detailing sexual-abuse allegations.

Wis. high court: Newspaper has right to county’s legal bills

Officials had argued that bills from an investigation into a former sheriff’s deputy were private because the law firm was technically working for Juneau County’s insurer and not the county itself.

Church can’t withhold names in Calif. priest files

Superior court judge says she weighed privacy rights of priests and others vs. the public’s interest in learning details of child abuse that led to $660 million settlement in 2007.

N.Y. county clerk: Release of gun data endangers public

President of publishers group says editors may debate whether The Journal News should have published database, but they fully back its right to access records under state law.

N.Y. county won’t give gun info to newspaper

Putnam County clerk says releasing pistol-permit information could endanger permit holders, and that when freedom of information laws arose, ‘there was no social media, there was no Google maps.’

President can keep secrets on targeted killings

Federal judge chides Obama administration for refusing to provide documents on drone strikes but says she has no authority to order them disclosed.

N.C. appeals court unseals NASCAR CEO’s divorce files

Brian France, who has fought for years to keep confidential the details of his 2008 divorce, had appealed judge’s ruling that documents in the case should be made public.

FBI removes many redactions in Marilyn Monroe file

More details now public reveal that some in actress’s inner circle were concerned about her association with Frederick Vanderbilt Field, who was disinherited by his wealthy family over his leftist views.

News outlets sue for records on 31 Tenn. child deaths

Lawsuit led by The Tennessean says details on how and why children died are important to the public and outweigh any privacy concerns.

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