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N.Y. gun law turns public records private

State Legislature gives gun-permit holders wide latitude to keep their records out of public view. Also:

We need to see the Gitmo proceedings

Given all the questions about the detentions of accused terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, allowing the greatest transparency for 9/11 military tribunals would be in the nation’s interest.

What’s at stake in publishing public records such as gun permits

A free press must report on behalf of us all, with access to public information, to hold officials accountable for their decisions.

Persistent Ill. newspaper finally gets letter it sought

Compared with other FOIA cases featuring interminable delays and years in court, the decision in Rock River Times is a significant victory for open government.

Can states limit public records to residents?

Rhode Islander, Californian appeal to U.S. Supreme Court challenging constitutionality of provision in Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act, which says only state residents can obtain public records.

When police kill, public has right to information

Brownsville, Texas, police may have acted properly in shooting 15-year-old, as a grand jury found; but releasing the video would help address public doubts.

No excuse to keep 50-year-old report hidden

If we’re to assess effectively how well our public servants are doing their jobs, we need access to information — including a draft report on the botched 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

Public information needs interpretation, context

Facts may speak for themselves, but when it comes to public facts, so should the people who are on the public payroll to assemble, assess and explain them.

Number-crunching, public records drive powerful reporting

Quantity of content doesn’t guarantee quality of content, and the kind of work done by America’s professional news media — profit and nonprofit — will be done by no one else.

Nixon testimony may see daylight, and it’s about time

Disgraced president testified in secret about Watergate scandal 36 years ago; any concerns about ‘privacy’ are dwarfed by the historical importance of the transcript.