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Plaintiffs assail Va. public-records law on 2 fronts

In their high court briefs in McBurney v. Young, news organizations and public-advocacy groups stress that law restricting access by out-of-staters impedes newsgathering and the national ‘information industry.’

7th Circuit OKs limits on inmates’ possession of public records

Court upholds a Wisconsin prison rule that defines ‘contraband’ to include documents obtained under the state’s open-records act that don’t refer to the inmate.

Justices again rein in exemption to FOIA

WASHINGTON — March 2011 is turning out to be a very good month for advocates of maximum disclosure of government documents under the Freedom of Information Act.
Less than a week after an important victory limiting one of the law’s exemptions in FCC v. AT&T, the Court yesterday handed down an even more significant decision narrowing [...]