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John Seigenthaler: A champion of the First Amendment

Crusading journalist never retired from his passion for the First Amendment, the sense that every voice has value.

50 years ago, Lenny Bruce’s arrest no joking matter

The freedom embodied in comedy is of serious importance — yet in America’s past and around the world today, making jokes about certain subjects can land comedians in legal trouble.

‘Abracadabra!’ Judge says Teller’s trick is protected

‘The mere fact that a dramatic work or pantomime includes a magic trick, or even that a particular illusion is its central feature, does not render it devoid’ of protection, district judge writes.

Celebrating two First Amendment landmark moments

CBS News’ Edward R. Murrow’s crusading broadcasts and the Supreme Court’s Sullivan decision helped reshape contemporary American life and how as a nation we perceive and apply our core freedoms of free press and free speech.

5 freedoms fueled 1963 march – and much more

The First Amendment is the means, mechanism and method by which we use freedom to participate in self-governance and work to achieve Martin Luther King’s vision of equality.

Memo to some at IRS: Free speech is just that

The news that an office of the Internal Revenue Service had targeted for review a number of groups with names that included “patriot” or “tea party” is chilling enough to hear – but there’s even more reason to be concerned from a First Amendment perspective.

When NYT v. Sullivan was in Jeopardy: New Article Reveals Burger Court’s Internal Assault on Landmark Case

In First Amendment law the U.S. Supreme Court case, New York Times v. Sullivan (1964) is uniformly considered bedrock—the foundational First Amendment case of modern times. What many do not know is how very close the Burger Court came to cracking the Sullivan bedrock principle of “uninhibited, robust, and wide-open” freedom of expression.

Muhammad Ali and the First Amendment

As ‘The Greatest’ boxing champion turns 71, here’s a look back at how his life exemplified our five core freedoms.

Rushdie’s chilling reminder to protect free speech

The pen of a solitary novelist came under dire threat by the sword of radical Islam, as grippingly recounted in Salman Rushdie’s new memoir, Joseph Anton.

Justice Marshall: eloquent First Amendment defender

Thurgood Marshall had a gift for explaining the importance of the First Amendment in different contexts, such as in these five examples.

This year, let’s resolve to preserve, use, celebrate our core freedoms

Newtown, Westboro, WikiLeaks … these and other issues make some want to curtail the First Amendment in some way, but that’s the wrong way to go.

‘Must reads’ 2012: best of the First Amendment Center Online

Commentary, analysis on Supreme Court rulings and a host of First Amendment issues from throughout the year.

Carved in stone: the foundation of freedom

Writer-comedian Chris Bliss’ monument to the Bill of Rights in Phoenix is an inspiring, long-term way to remind Americans of the document that established our core freedoms.

Celebrating the First Amendment: why ‘land of the free’ is more than a lyric

‘Free to Tweet’ scholarship contest is part of the 1 for All campaign to raise awareness and understanding of our core freedoms.

Burger’s birthday: His Court’s rulings shaped First Amendment law

As chief justice from 1969-1986, Warren Burger wrote important Supreme Court majority opinions on the establishment clause, obscenity and prior restraint.

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