‘Call Rudy’

Monday, November 1, 1999

Hear ‘Call Rudy’

If that snooty gallery owner won’t call you back …
feel like a hack … fall in the cracks … where no one sees your genius
Don’t give up hope, there’s still a chance
to make the scene, to live your dream …
to paint the Virgin Mary with a penis

With a little piss and a little dung
Just call the mayor … you’ll be well hung
He’ll rant and rave, say you’re depraved
He’ll be your Holy Ghost
You’ll make the New York Post


Call Rudy
If your art’s a little queer
Call Rudy
Election year is near

Don’t call the Whitney, don’t call the Met
Don’t call MOMA … lest you forget
You can be a Sensation … on every news station
There’ll be lines ’round the block to see your degradation
It’s your duty … to
Call Rudy

Not Judge Judy
Not Doug Flutie
Don’t call Hootie
Just call Rudy

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