About the authors

Friday, February 18, 2011

The authors of this report, David Levie, Zachary Navit and Kara Tappan, are members of the inaugural team of The Catholic University of America law students in the school’s Newseum Institute Project, and are members of the Columbus School of Law’s class of 2015.


  • David Levie is a member of The Catholic University Law Review staff, and active in the school’s Street Law Levie David program. David received his undergraduate degree in History from Colgate University. Prior to entering law school, David worked as paralegal for Williams & Connolly LLP. David interned for the Hon. Lynn Leibovitz on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia during the summer between his first and second years of law school. Currently, he is an intern for the Hon. Reggie B. Walton on the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. David believes the five First Amendment freedoms are central to the preservation of a free society and our democratic system.


  •  Zachary Navit is particularly interested in studying the First Amendment with a view toward helping others Navit Zachary understand and protect the freedoms the First Amendment guarantees. Building on his undergraduate degree in philosophy and graduate degrees in theology as well as his experience in both non-profit and corporate sectors, Zack recently participated in an international human rights program in Rome, Italy, and serves as a member of the Catholic University Law Review. The summer following his first year of law school, Mr. Navit interned for the Hon. Pamela Pryor Dembe, President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia.


  • Kara Tappan has a B.A. in communication from George Mason University and worked at a television station Tappan Kara prior to law school. She is active in the CUA law school community serving as a teaching assistant for Prof. Megan La Belle’s Civil Procedure class and as a member of the Catholic University Law Review. Ms. Tappan interned for the Hon. Catharine F. Easterly on the District of Columbia Court of Appeals during the summer after her first year of law school and currently interns with the Hon. Sally D. Adkins on the Maryland Court of Appeals. Ms. Tappan has a strong interest in the First Amendment, particularly freedom of speech and press.