Telling the police to f*** off: risky First Amendment business

Although some courts have protected some obscene rants directed at cops, you still might want to be careful if you get pulled over.

John Seigenthaler: A champion of the First Amendment

Crusading journalist never retired from his passion for the First Amendment, the sense that every voice has value.

Duff: We have lost ‘a champion for freedom’

Statement from James C. Duff, CEO of Freedom Forum, Newseum and Newseum Institute, on the death of John Seigenthaler.

Court limits Garcetti – at least a little

Justices reject argument that 2006 decision sharply curtailing public employees’ free speech applied in a case involving court testimony.

Cannibal Cop: freedom for thoughts, fantasies we hate

By Clay Calvert Ruling that throws out conviction of police officer for conspiracy to commit kidnapping on basis of grisly online posts strikes blow against dangerous notion of ‘thought crimes.’

In new poll, marriage equality beats religious objections

State of the First Amendment survey finds majorities support same-sex health benefits and requiring wedding businesses to serve gay couples, religious beliefs notwithstanding.

It’s vital to know how to use — and defend — our freedoms

Although this year’s State of the First Amendment survey shows some disturbing results, it also indicates more Americans back free expression in areas of society that have not always enjoyed popular support.

Young Americans have free-speech rights, too

It’s encouraging that 2014 State of the First Amendment survey shows most people say high school students should have same freedom to exercise their first freedoms as adults do.

In Tenn. mosque fight, religious freedom trumps Islamophobia

U.S. Supreme Court puts an end to bias-based lawsuit challenging permit for construction of an Islamic Center near Murfreesboro.

Much to-do about history for divided high court

Though sharply divided on whether legislative prayers in Greece, N.Y., are permissible, two Supreme Court justices agree that history factors into the constitutional calculus.